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John Deere, the world's leading tractor manufacturer, also makes combine harvesters. The T series of these harvesters underwent new development and now includes as its top model in terms of performance and equipment the model T 670i. The same holds true for its entirely new BRUDER model which represents a milestone in the history of toys that meet the most challenging requirements. While the highly efficient technology incorporated into these impressive machines, for the most part, operates unseen by the casual observer, children are always fascinated with the spectacle created by combine harvesters when harvesting crops. With our new John Deere combine harvester BRUDER has managed to make this technology come to life and turn it into a tangible experience. Our little farmers will be thrilled to learn how easy this big harvester steers and how exciting it is to be able to drain the grain tank via the drain tube. Its other realistic details including the opening cabin door, numerous opening covers, a detachable cutting unit with pendulum suspension and level compensation – to name only a few – are sure to make this toy enormously fun to use. Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS.


- Ackerman steering with pendulum compensation (direct steering drive with red handle)
- One cover each on the left and the right can be opened. On the right, radiator fan cover with integrated ladder providing access to the engine compartment can be opened
- Grain tank with "self-folding" covers can be opened
- Cabin with glass pane and door on the left can be opened, rotating access ladder
- Cutting unit features: reel and centring screw powered by friction drive
- Grain tank emptied via drain tube and manual spindle drive, spindle detachable for cleaning
- Drawbar coupling meeting the "BRUDER" standard for drawing the cutting unit carriage
- Cutting unit carriage
- Cutting unit with level compensation includes pendulum suspension and is detachable

Size: 60.3 x 47.3 x 23.7 cm

Ages: 4+


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