Klutz - Melty Beads

  • Brand: Klutz
  • Product Code: 9781591743620
  • Format: Spiral bound
  • Number of Pages: 22

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Take a bunch of plastic beads and artfully put them onto a pegboard. Get a grown-up to iron them together and — presto! Off pops a permanent piece of art. We love this classic activity — but all we could find on the market were tiny frustration-sized beads. A kid-pleaser like this deserves something better; like Melty Beads! Packaged with 600 big beads that are friendly to little fingers, this book comes with a sturdy plastic pegboard and plenty of inspirational artwork. 

Comes With: 1 ironing sheet, a custom pegboard, 600 beads in a variety of colours

Ages: 4+ 


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