Phonics Alive 4 Intro to Grammar


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ABOUT THE PROGRAM Come on-board Spacestation Grammatica. By helping the various departments of the Grammatica, students are introduced to the basic rules and conventions that provide the grammatical structure of the English language. The program has 14 modules. By progressing through these modules, students learn about basic sentence structure, word classes, punctuation and homophones. Students are introduced to subjects and predicates, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles and conjunctions. The modules actively teach the grammar rules for countable and uncountable nouns, plus the importance of agreement between nouns, pronouns and verbs. Students are introduced to verb number, tense and object. They will enjoy learning about possessive case nouns and pronouns.  Punctuation is actively taught and reinforced. Students learn to correctly use full stops, capital letters, commas, and how to punctuate contractions. Captain Phraser and the crew of the Spacestation Grammatica make learning grammar fun. The modules are packed with stimulating graphics and humorous animation � from amorous plants to four armed green window cleaners.  The program offers students a variety of fun activities that take place throughout the nine departments on the Spacestation Grammatica. Each activity teaches and reinforces the rules of grammar. Students are asked to help Dr Flora grow exotic alien plants by dragging adverbs into sentences or to build robots by joining two clauses with a conjunction. At Lieutenant Iheardya's translating machine, students will distinguish between correctly and incorrectly written sentences. Incorrectly written sentences are sent to the recycling depot where students sort them into word classes.  WHO WILL BENEFIT? Phonics Alive! 4: Introduction to Grammar will enhance the writing and communication skills of most primary and early secondary students. It should also prove useful for older students and adults who need additional support in gaining literacy skills, and for those learning English as a second language. Furthermore, Phonics Alive! 4: Introduction to Grammar should provide a great tool for mature aged students seeking a refresher in the correct use of grammar.  COMPUTER VOICE DIRECTION The student is guided through the program by a teacher voiceover. In a relaxed style, this voiceover encourages students to complete tasks, always giving feedback and offering explanations should an incorrect student response be made. Additional assistance is provided by the cheeky Grammar Gremlin � the ship's resident robot guide.  STUDENT RESULTS Phonics Alive! 4: Introduction to Grammar monitors student progress throughout each of its 14 modules. At any point in the program a record of achievement can be viewed or printed for later user analysis.  THE CONTROL ROOM The comprehensive, easy-to-use navigation system has been well tried and tested with other members of the Phonics Alive! family. In Phonics Alive! 4, the Control Room's button panel provides easy direct access to the program's 14 modules. The Control Room also gives access to the program's Task List, allowing the user to proceed to a specific activity anywhere within the program. The Control Room's Name List keeps track of individual student's progress, and places them at their next task from whichever task they last completed. The administration section allows teachers to add, or remove, names of classes and students, and to access student results. (ASPA4)

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