Targeting Maths NSW Year 5 Student Book


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This book follows a clear progression of mathematical skills and understandings. Every aspect of the syllabus for Year 5 is addressed, from the six strands to each of the individual outcomes. This book is laid out in 4 terms of work, with each double page spread dealt with as a unit on the teaching guide. Targeting Maths student books are very child friendly - filled with an interesting range of learning activities that will motivate all learners, whatever their talents. The development of the series has focused on the needs of children. We know that if you can grab children's interest and give them confidence, they are more likely to enjoy learning. This series is designed to develop a thorough understanding of mathematics, build student's confidence and enthusiasm for mathematics. The all new Targeting Maths workbooks provide complete coverage of the 2002 NSW Maths syllabus. Targeting Maths is designed to provide you with everything you need to teach the new maths course in a way that you will find easy to implement and your students will enjoy. With an increased focus on number sense and mental strategies, the new course extends students mathematically, but with this new program to help, you and your students won't find the transition difficult. The student workbooks are supported by comprehensive and easy-to-use Teaching Guides that provide you with everything you need. The Teaching Guides are directly linked to the 12 book Targeting Maths BLM books published by Blake Education that many schools already have. The hundreds of well-organised, photocopiable worksheets in these books mean you will never be short of remedial, extension or assessment material. WARNING! Once your students have used these books, they will want to do maths everyday. How the Targeting Maths scheme will work for you. The Targeting Maths scheme follows a clear progression of mathematical skills and understandings from Kindergarten to Year Six. Every aspect of the syllabus is addressed, from the six strands to each of the individual outcomes at every level. Targeting Maths 3 - 6 The student books from Year 3 to year 6 are laid out as four terms of topic-based units of work. Each unit is 3 or 4 pages long. Each unit begins with a focus page. The large focus picture gets children's attention and in many cases it is a high-interest, real-life situation. Focus pages are good for all ability levels as they include open-ended questions and active participation. Even the weakest student can perform the task because the visual image is so helpful. They are also useful for revision. Return to the page and use it for mental warm-ups before a lesson. Photos of real things are an exciting feature of the scheme and serve to connect maths to real life. The outcome number and the relevant pointers are written in full at the base of each page. Information notes at the top of the page reinforce mathematical language and important facts. Problem solving strategies such as looking for patterns appear regularly. The other strategies covered include drawing a diagram, trial and error and working backwards. Number lines are a proven mathematical tool for visualising the number system and to support calculations. This powerful visual aid creates a direct relationship between calculations and algorithms. The abstract nature of algorithms is demystified as children jump along a number line to add or subtract. Challenges appear regularly to extend your more able students. (PPTMNSW5SB)

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