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The TypeQuick Learn to Type program is a unique text based course with instructional graphics and sound designed for the serious PC user who wants to learn quickly and without any animation. It is the original Typequick course modified several times over the past 18 years.It is also used by some colleges and corporations to teach novices in a "Two Day to Touch Typing" course and they get amazing results.The TypeQuick course is easy to use on your computer and is designed for self-study. It is a logically planned and structured course designed around 10 enjoyable lessons for the keyboard and 3 for the keypad. A separate, ingenious module teaches speed and accuracy to those who have learned to touch type. Lessons start with a recap of your progress, warm up exercises, and state the expected learning outcome. Exercises are modelled on English sentences and not on nonsense words. This helps you feel more relaxed as you type familiar words. Occasional nonsense drills are included to build concentration. Uncluttered, clear screens allow you to fully concentrate on the line to be typed. Lessons conclude with a detailed report and personal motivating comments which are written to a computer file for regular analysis.The friendly TypeQuick instructor reinforces, encourages and patiently helps with small difficulties, providing extra exercise to eliminate weaknesses. It monitors every keystroke and creates a personal course for you so that you learn in the shortest possible time.The course contains unique teaching techniques, CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) and artificial intelligence to speed your learning yet it is one of the easiest programs to run and use. (TYTQP)

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