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Special delivery from the ice cream man! 10 ice cream pops with 10 matching shells are sure to be a sensory delight for kids! And these sweet treats are better than sugar to stimulate the brain! Count up coloured dots on the ice cream pops and match the answer with a numbered shell. This activity is a fun time of matching and imagination and helps children understand the relationship between numbers and quantity.

There are so many ways to play and math is reinforced with each one!

- Mix all the pops and shells up and have children take turns finding a match.

- Place all the pops in numerical order.

- Hide the pops around the room and have children race to find matches.

- Take turns – have one child count the dots on a pop and have another child find the corresponding shell.

- Pretend you are an ice cream man selling ice cream pops. Have children order a specific numbered pop.

- Turn the pops and shells over to have the blank sides face up. Then turn one pop and one shell over to find a match. If they match, keep them and take another turn. If not, return them to their spots and the next player takes a turn.

Kids can’t keep their hands off these irresistible ice cream pops! And don’t need to — because hands-on learning is a great way to reinforce the maths concepts and heighten physical skills while having fun. These pops provide practice in using both hands together to slide on and off the shells. It reinforces motor planning skills and finger dexterity. A little hand work-out while the mind benefits!

Ages: 18 months plus


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